Wire Harness
JST ACH 1.2mm Pitch Crimp Style Customized Wire Harness :
CSE is the professional manufacturer and supplier of customized wire harness in Taiwan since 1977. All the production processes and standard operating procedures are followed JST operating guide and producted by Automatic machinery in order to provide the best technological quality of JST ACH customized wire harness products and services for our customers. 

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  This connector is compact and low profile type, height: 1.4mm and width 4.3mm, 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector.
Product Profile
Series ACH connector
Category Crimp Style Connectors (Wire-to-Board type)
Type Disconnectable type
Crimp style, Compact type, Low-profile type 
Pitch 1.2 mm
Current rating 2,0A / 1 to 3 circuit (AWG#28)
1,5A / 4 , 5 circuit (AWG#28)
Voltage rating 50V
PC board
mounting direction
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CSE provides high quality of JST ACH customized harness production solution from your document of custom wire harness with suitable UL wire to meet your requirement .

The standard operating procedures are followed JST operating guide in order to provide the best technological quality of JST ACH customized products.

We provide high-quality custom wire harness mass production services of ACH series of with automatic equipment.