Environment / Health & Safety Police

Based on the social responsibility of corporation, the goal of sustainable development and the organization situation, all employees
of CSE will uphold the concept of implementing safety and health management and committing to the protection of the environment
to jointly promote environmental and ccupational safety.

Observe the lawsregulation and pollution-prevention, establish the qualify working environment

Effective training and strict evaluation, improve better management performance

Through risk management and health promotion, complete the purpose of full participation

Continuous Improvement and truly check, achieve the goal of corporate sustainability

Implement resource recycling for the environment protection of our Earth.

Explained as follows:

  1. Identify compliance applicable environment laws and regulations, enhance the capabilities of environment pollution prevention
    and emergency incident response
  2. Strengthen the training and evaluation of employees’ related skills and awareness, continuously improve the performance of environment and safety health management.    
  3. Strengthen the performance of risk management, injury& unhealthy prevention and health promotion to achieve full participation.
  4. Continuously maintain and improve working environment, implement automatic self- inspection, achieve the goal of corporate sustainabilit
  5. Establish consultation and communication channels for employees and the interested parties for the environment protection of our Earth.