Automatic Production System / QC Inspection Equipment

In 1992, CSE (Chia-Soon Electronics) has been building new factories with new production equipment in order to upgrade product quality and develop new products to exporting Japan and other countries.

Since 1999 ,CSE is also committed to increasing production volume, upgrading technological level, improving quality control ability, has been introducing quite such several advanced facilities (Such us: automatic crimping machines) for attaining high quality processing, enhancing the added value of products, and ensuring the performance of factory automation . All of these efforts aim to help CSE for a higher profile and status in order to win the trust of foreign clients with closer cooperative relationship.

  • Automatic Production Equipments
Automatic Crimping / Twist / Soldering Machine 

Automatic Double Ends Crimping Machine

Automatic Double Ends Crimping / Soldering Machine

4 AXIS Dispensing Robot


Desktop Soldering ROBOT

PCB Prototype Drilling /Engraving/Shape Routing Machine


  • QC Inspection Equipments

SPECTRO XEPOS X-Ray Spectrometer                        

Nikon Research Stereo Microscope